Shipping and Delivery

Girls do not hesitate because we guarantee delivery, if your order is lost or misplaced, we guarantee for you!

❤ The reviews from our customers coming

from all over the world speak for themselves ❤

The indicative delivery depends on the country of destination the times indicated at checkout are indicative and to be understood in working days and also depends on the departure and arrival customs and on the sorting of packages and any strikes.

For "CELEBRITY" branded items being tailored cut and sewn to your measure, the delivery times are the same but it is the longest preparation since it is tailor-made for you. it also depends on the processing and the time of year.

Note for those who go on vacation
as we always reiterate, once confirmed orders cannot be canceled, and once processed we cannot change the delivery address, the timing is mandatory and cannot be changed according to your needs, this is because there are procedures to be respected from the order to the non-modifiable delivery, if you should find yourself in similar situations you can leave safely because your order will be held at the post office in your area if not delivered, where you can collect it on your return.
All our outfits are produced and delivered directly to you from our wharehouses with which we have established distribution relationships all over the world.

Orders for shoes and / or bulky packaging may arrive without angular boxes, but carefully packaged and packaged, we have made this choice to reduce sorting and customs clearance times, this to always offer you the best possible service ❤️

Happy shopping friends!